Weld Studs / Clinch Studs

Domestic manufactured cold-headed stud welding fasteners are just a call away! BMA Metals Group provides quick access to round, square and rectangular weld studs, whether standard or specialty designed. Weld Studs made in the USA - Drawn-Arc Studs, CD Studs (aka Capacitor Discharge Studs), Advanced Process or AP Weld Studs (aka Stored Arc Weld Studs), and Resistance Weld Studs – ensure quality that you can count on. Get USA made welding fasteners and get the job done right! Contact BMA Metals Group for USA made stud welding fasteners.

  • Materials
  • Sizes and Types
  • In-House Secondary Department

Weld Studs and Clinch Studs Materials

  • Stainless Steel Weld/Clinch Studs
  • Brass Weld/Clinch Studs
  • Steel Weld/Clinch Studs
  • Aluminum Weld/Clinch Studs

Studs can be provided with copper flash/zinc plated.
*Stud Welding Fasteners can be produced to meet DFARS Compliance
*Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS)

Stud Sizes

  • .062"-.500" Diameter and up to 3.5" long

Stud Types

  • Flanged Weld Studs
  • Non-Flanged Weld Studs
  • Mini-Flanged Weld Studs
  • Flanged Pins
  • CD Collar Studs
  • Arc Collar Studs
  • Stud Welding Fasteners
  • Resistance Weld Studs
  • Projection Weld Studs
  • Projection Weld Nuts
  • Spot Weld Screws
  • Ring Projection Weld Screws
  • Arc Weld Studs
  • Capacitor Discharge Weld Studs
  • CD Studs
  • Welding Studs
  • Stored Arc Weld Studs
  • Self-Clinching Studs

Stud Threads Available

  • Standard threads
  • Metric threads
  • Non-threads

If you can't find the stud style you are looking for please contact us with the details and we will be pleased to submit a quotation for your specific requirements.

Stud In-House Secondary Department

  • Knurling
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Shaving/ Turning
  • High Speed Thread Rolling Department
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