Nickel Iron Cobalt Strip

Our manufactured Nickel Iron Cobalt Strip is a superior quality alloy made primarily for the manufacturing of Hermetic Seals with ceramics or hard glass. This Nickel Iron Cobalt Strip is produced with lower carbon levels to .01% max and a nominal of .004% which gives it better die wear, and almost eliminates the need for decarburization. It also gives it a lower work hardening rate and a better response to additional surface treatment procedures. All of these features help distinguish our Nickel Iron Cobalt Strip from the standard F-15 supplied by our competitors. When you need quality, contact BMA Metals Group for a superior Nickel Iron Cobalt Strip - our level of service will make it worthwhile!

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Nickel Iron Cobalt Strip Alloy

  • F-15 / Kovar (modified)*

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Nickel Iron Cobalt Strip Advantages

  • Excellent surface condition properties
  • Improved die wear
  • Reduced work hardening rate
  • Better chemical surface treatment response
  • Improved plating, cladding, and soldering results

Nickel Iron Cobalt Strip Applications

  • Hermetic Seals for hard glass and ceramics
  • Transmitting valves
  • Lead frames
  • Transistor leads and headers
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