Nickel Strip

Our manufactured High Purity Nickel Strip is produced with tightly controlled chemistries that give it very low levels of impurities and surface oxides. For these reasons, our manufactured Nickel Strip is an excellent choice for applications where high electrical conductivity and low electrical resistivity are needed. In addition, our nickel strip can be cold formed, welded, soldered and plated to meet even the most stringent quality standards. These qualities make our nickel strip the perfect choice for battery, stamping, and electrical applications. Contact us today and get an experienced Nickel Strip distributor.

  • Alloys/Grades
  • Advantages
  • Applications
  • Capabilities

Industry Equivalent Nickel Strip Alloys and Grades

  • Ni 200: Nickel 200
  • Ni 201: Nickel 201
  • Ni 205: Nickel 205
  • Ni 270: Nickel 270
  • Ni 225: Nickel 225

Variations to standard alloys available on request.

Nickel Strip Advantages

  • High degree of electrical conductivity
  • Low electrical resistivity
  • Excellent surface and slit edge conditions
  • Enhanced solderability as a result of low surface oxides
  • Excellent formability with deep draw characteristics with reduced die wear
  • Resistance to grain growth

Nickel Strip Applications

  • Rechargeable Batteries (Nickel Metal Hydride, Lithium Ion)
  • Metal Stampings
  • Lead Frames
  • Gaskets and Seals
  • Lighting Applications
  • Superconductor Applications
  • Weld Wire

Nickel Strip Capabilities

  • Thickness: .002" to .090"
  • Tolerances: +/- 5% (special tolerances and gages available)
  • Width: Up to 14" wide
  • Tolerances: Under 1" +/-.003 Over 1" +/- .005
  • Coil size: Up to 200 lbs of width without welds. Oscillated coils up to approx. 500 lbs for up to .065" material thickness and widths up to .750"
  • Temper Ranges: Annealed to Full Hard.

Small lot sizes available on request.

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